A Community of Dedicated Volunteers

Why Volunteer with Ariva?

Over 150 volunteers work with us yearly to help prepare free tax returns. It’s a vibrant, bustling community, just like NYC. The volunteers at Ariva enjoy being part of an enthusiastic, generous, and committed team, and some folks have returned each tax season to volunteer for 10+ years.

In addition to feeling good about doing good, Ariva volunteers and interns also get access to unique benefits!

You’ll receive:

  • Tax Preparer Training
  • Official certification through the IRS
  • Free personal income tax preparation
  • College credit
  • New friends & an amazing community
Let’s help out our community together!
Take a look at the different ways you can get involved.

“I’m always impressed by the people I meet at Ariva: their persistence to keep working and pay taxes even though they don’t always receive services in exchange. Doing their taxes for free is the least I can do for them.” – Wasilla Guiga-Lotfi, Ariva Tax Prep Volunteer

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Become an Ariva
Tax Prep Volunteer

Did you know that nearly half of our tax preparation community earns less than $10,000? It’s incredibly gratifying to see someone smile after you help them get their refund, knowing the additional income can help them save or pay off debt. Come volunteer as a tax preparer. No experience needed!

“Volunteering with Ariva is such a rewarding experience. You directly see how your work benefits lower-income people who need every dollar. They can’t afford to go to H&R Block. They need the tax return, and you get to help them receive it.” – Farooq, Ariva Tax Prep Volunteer

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Intern With Us

All college students are welcome to intern with us—it doesn’t matter where you go to school, you can work with us.

Tax Prep Volunteer & Intern
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an accountant or have specialized certifications to volunteer with Ariva?

No experience is needed to volunteer with us—you simply need a willingness to learn. If you do your taxes, you can do this! (And if you don’t do your taxes, this is a great way to learn.) Many of our most successful tax preparers had little or no experience before training, and our tax experts are always on-site to double-check each return you process. Volunteer income tax assistants (VITA) receive IRS-certified tax training, and upon completion of the certification exam, their primary duties will be preparing tax returns. Additional activities include customer service and data entry.

Where and when can I volunteer?

We have more than 10 locations, all of which are easily accessible by public transportation. Some sites also provide parking. We have morning, evening, and weekend hours and can work around your schedule, as well as make sure that you volunteer at your preferred location.

What are the requirements for volunteering?

To qualify as a volunteer income tax assistant, you must complete online training with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—don’t worry, we can help you with this. We also ask all volunteers to commit to a minimum of seven (7) shifts per season, though longer-term commitments are ideal. Shifts are 3-6 hours each, depending on location.

What are the internship hours?

Interns work part-time, typically 5-12 hours weekly. Internship hours are based on your school’s requirements, and we ask that interns commit to a weekly basis until their required hours are complete. Daytime hours are flexible, and we have additional availability on evenings and weekends to suit your schedule.

Can interns receive school credit?

Your Ariva internship can qualify for college credit at your college or university (approved by your school) and is also usually applicable to continuing education credits.

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