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All Are Welcome for Free &
Confidential Financial Counseling

Ariva exists to help people in underserved communities build more prosperous lives, supporting their first steps toward long-term wealth building. We offer free financial counseling programs at many locations throughout the Bronx and across New York City, and serve more than 3,000 families each year. Year-round, we offer NYC residents one-on-one confidential advice about how to manage money and build wealth, from establishing credit to reducing debt and creating savings. Our programs can accommodate your schedule and can be customized to meet your goals and needs.

Financial counseling is free and confidential, regardless of income or immigration status. You must be at least 18 years old to receive financial counseling services.

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Supporting You as You Reach
Your Financial Goals

We personalize our financial counseling programs for you. We work to understand your challenges and goals. Our financial counselors help you customize a specific plan for you and your needs.

We can help you:

  • Open an affordable bank account
  • Reduce and manage debt
  • Establish and improve your credit score
  • Obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and file taxes
  • Learn to budget and manage money
  • Increase your savings and build assets
  • Prepare to buy a home or rent an affordable apartment
  • Achieve your financial goals!

You can work with your counselor for however long you need. Clients who attend at least three sessions can make significant progress toward achieving their financial goals. Here’s what your first two sessions might look like:

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We’ll assess your financial health, pull your credit report, and develop a plan to reach your personal goals.

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We’ll assess your progress and support you in setting and reaching any new goals.

Visit us at La Ventanilla at
The Mexican Consulate

“We are deeply grateful to Ariva for providing financial counseling and tax preparation services at the Ventanilla. Ariva’s experience and commitment to building financial health among low-income New Yorkers were critical to establishing high-quality financial counseling services at the Ventanilla.” – from “Ventanilla de Asesoría Financiera: Program Insights for the Field”

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La Ventanilla, the Financial Education Window, at the Mexican Consulate, serves the Mexican immigrant community living in New York City. At the Ventanilla, clients learn about establishing credit, reducing debt, and creating family budgets. Our financial counselors also assist clients in accessing safe and affordable banking products, filing taxes, and applying for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). The Ventanilla financial counseling program is sponsored by the Mexican Consulate in New York and is made possible thanks to generous support from Citi Community Development.

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Our team of expert financial counselors has years of professional finance experience.