“The underserved community deserves this knowledge: what we’re doing here at Ariva is giving them some financial power back. Hopefully it helps them better their future and takes them down the path towards financial freedom.”  – Nathalia De Los Santos, Ariva Tax Prep Seasonal Staff 

Our VITA program is not only a way to impact your fellow New Yorkers through free tax prep NYC—you’ll also learn valuable money management skills that apply to your life. Take it from NYC tax prep team member Nathalia De Los Santos: 

“Learning to do taxes by myself, because nobody ever taught me, felt very important, especially coming from a Hispanic community,” says Nathalia. 

Nathalia has been impacting lives through her work with us since the end of 2020. She met members of our team during a career fair at John Jay College. 

Our mission to bring financial inclusion and economic justice to New Yorkers resonated with Nathalia from the start. She joined us as a seasonal tax preparer and began working virtually during the pandemic while living in the Dominican Republic.

“I felt like it could empower me to help my family and other people, especially the underserved community. It’s critical they receive this knowledge and know how to get their taxes done,” she says.  

Nathalia found our training digestible, and not intimidating at all. Our training program is designed to equip volunteers and seasonal team members with the tools and skills needed to complete both federal and state NYC tax prep documents. No prior experience is needed and no additional learning materials are required! You’ll receive detailed instruction on specific topics such as deductions and form W2, as well as more advanced tax filing skills such as handling other sources of income like freelance work or Social Security benefits. 

As a bonus, all training can be done in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. 

Nathalia now supports clients in person at La Ventanilla at the Consulate General of Mexico in New York City, as well as our Bronx headquarters. Her compassion for her fellow Hispanic community members has allowed her to enhance the lives of immigrants and their families. 

Equipped with exceptional NYC free tax prep skills and bilingual talent, Nathalia can help clients apply for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) and find deductions for her clients that they wouldn’t otherwise know about. This is a significant help for our community, especially since nearly half of them earn less than $10,000 per year and may be going through tough times financially or personally. 

“The ITIN application service is especially important for clients without a Social Security number. With an ITIN, they can file their taxes, receive refunds, and even open bank accounts and establish credit,” Nathalia says.  

Nathalia is very fulfilled by the work she does with us, and we are so grateful for her contributions to the organization and the community. Not only has she impacted lives within our neighborhood, but she can now help herself and her family file taxes in the future. Traditional NYC tax prep can be costly, but Nathalia now has the resources and knowledge to do it herself. 

As an Ariva Tax Prep Staff or Volunteer, you’ll receive NYC free tax preparation training, official certification through the IRS, and free personal income NYC tax prep by our team. In addition, you’ll be part of an amazing community of dedicated people who care about having a positive impact. 

Ready to help change lives and learn valuable money management skills like Nathalia? Become an Ariva Tax Prep Volunteer today! Learn more about employment and volunteer opportunities and apply now