An Ariva Client Feature, in partnership with Parkchester Enhancement Program

Born and raised in the Bronx, Robert Hardy lives near the site of our partner Parkchester Enhancement Program (PEP). From free tax preparation to budget planning to support in applying for affordable housing through our Ready to Rent program, Robert has worked with PEP and our team for over five years. As a person who is blind and disabled, he relies on PEP as part of his support system. 

Currently, he’s working on his application with Housing Connect to find a more accessible and accommodating apartment in Parkchester. He’s looking for a building with a reliable elevator, a minimal number of steps, and something he can afford. 

“I’ve lived in Parkchester for over 22 years and want to stay here. I like the local stores; my bank is here, and most of my friends are in this community. I also still want to access PEP and their services, too,” shares Robert.

Through Ready to Rent—our free program that offers support to anyone seeking affordable housing via the NYC Housing Lottery— Robert is working with our certified financial counselors to calculate income and assess his credit history. Their goal is always to ensure that our clients apply for apartments they will qualify for. One of the main reasons affordable housing applications are denied—even after being selected in the housing lottery—is that income was incorrectly calculated.

Additionally, we are helping him to apply for additional housing funding and other social services. He is grateful for the individual support and attention provided to him through the senior program at PEP. 

“If you live in the Parkchester community and you need to avail yourself of their free financial services, absolutely do. The team has been helpful, very, very helpful to me,” says Robert. 

Learn more about our partnership with PEP and our shared commitment to the financial health of the Bronx senior community. Sign up for a free financial counseling session, or check out how to take advantage of our Ready to Rent program. We are here for you every step of the way.