An Ariva Client Feature

“Ariva provides a high-value and free social service to the immigrant population. Through the financial counseling program, I learned personal finance management, how to save, set goals, and they helped me and my family receive the ITIN.” —Bertha Liliana, Social Worker and Ariva Financial Counseling Client 

We don’t take it for granted that our clients trust us to support them to receive access to the financial services they need, entrusting us with their personal financial information. 

When Sidy Diakhate, our Sr. Financial Counselor, met Bertha Liliana and her family for the first, he knew they qualified to apply for their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN number). After moving to New York City from Colombia two years ago with her husband and two children, starting the ITIN application process was the first step in opening new doors in their financial journey. 

“Ariva always looks for ways to help because I had been told by other organizations that we didn’t qualify. But they made it happen and helped me and my family apply for and receive the ITIN. Thank you to Ariva’s financial counselors for their empathy and support,” shares Bertha Liliana.

Bertha Liliana also took advantage of working with Sidy for financial counseling. After just two sessions, she learned the importance of financial goal-setting, savings, projections, and protecting her financial information. Sidy also shared about the possibility for her and her family to explore our Ready To Rent program and the Housing Connect application.

“I learned that my financial health is so important. I need to protect my personal information and learn more,” she says. “I also learned that building credit is very important for future planning, such as buying a house or taking out a business loan, which is a future goal of mine,” says Bertha Liliana. 

In Colombia, Bertha Liliana worked as a social worker in a community kitchen, providing food security services. Today, she wants to offer her social worker services as a volunteer with the immigrant population in New York City. 

After asking friends and other service providers where to receive free financial help, we are so glad Bertha Liliana found us, Sidy, and our team at Ariva. 

If you’re looking for free financial counseling nyc, tax preparation Bronx, NY, or free tax filing nyc, schedule an appointment with one of our certified financial counselors. They will provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your financial goals, and navigate through any financial challenge or plan you have. Thank you to Bertha Liliana for sharing her story. 

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